My practice tackles different themes and questions that I sometimes frame as long-term research projects. The outputs can include exhibitions and performances in galleries and public spaces, but also publications.

For more details, have a look Placing Sound (2015-2019), the project that explored the ways in which our personal histories shape our experiences of listening to place. I aimed to uncover hidden narratives by juxtaposing image, sound and performative action. I often explore the tensions between personal and group identities, notions of periphery and centrality in relation to my experience of migration from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

I am currently working on a project Leave to Remain (2015-) tackling my experience of the UK hostile policy towards migrants. As part of the project I am looking into national and political identities, specifically Bosnian, Yugoslav, European, the EU, British, Scottish amongst many others.

In spring 2021 I became artist in residence at Aberdeen Art Gallery with the aim of developing new works based on their Modernist collection. Specifically, I am looking into Meditation by Barbara Hepworth and Eastre (Hymn to the Sun) by J.D.Fergusson. More about my creative process is available on the gallery website and Instagram.