My practice is research driven and it is often framed around projects that explore specific themes and questions. From gallery based performance practice to works in public spaces, video installations and sound art, my work is often site specific.

I aim to uncover hidden narratives by juxtaposing image, sound and performative action. I often explore the tensions between personal and group identities, notions of periphery and centrality in relation to my experience of migration from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

For more details, have a look Placing Sound (2015-2019), the project that explored the ways our personal histories shape our experience of listening to place.

I am currently working on a project Leave to Remain (2015-) tackling my experience of the UK hostile policy towards migrants. As part of the project I am looking into national and political identities, specifically Bosnian, Yugoslav, European, the EU, British, Scottish amongst many others.

I am also studying Life in the UK test and upon receiving my next visa I will update on the details of my experience of the UK migration system with series of artworks related to these themes. This section of the website will be regularly updated from spring 2021.